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These artists, from Atlanta and beyond, have generously donated their work to be auctioned in support of the programs and operations of ART PAPERS.


We have strived to provide work at a variety of price points to engage both novice and experienced collector alike. Many of the artists exhibiting are just beginning to make names for themselves, while others are well known and appear in important public and private collections. Still more have appeared in the pages of ART PAPERS magazine over the years.


In the spirit of philanthropy many of these artists have chosen to donate 100% of the proceeds from the sale of their work. However, we are pleased to offer artists 30% of the proceeds should they choose. Last year we gave back almost $50,000 in artist commissions. In the spirit of community and philanthropy, we encourage you to bid often, bid high, and add a great work (or two) to your collection.


All works can be previewed in our Online Gallery. Absentee bids can also be placed. Visit the gallery to plan your bidding strategy ahead of Auction night.

List of participating artists as of January 23, 2015.


Laura W. Adams
Alejandro Aguilera
Steven Aishman
Tristan al-Haddad
Lisa Alembik
Morgan Alexander
Todd Alexander
Volkan Alkanoglu
Curtis Ames
Ashley Anderson
Steven L. Anderson
Anita Arliss
Linda Armstrong
Maria Artemis
Meg Aubrey
Philip Auslander
David Baerwalde
Whitney Wood Bailey
Luke Ball
Temme Barkin-Leeds
Michael Barringer
David W Batterman
Diann Bauer
Avantika Bawa
Anne Beidler
Laura Bell
Paul Stephen Benjamin
Daniel Biddy
Joe Biel
Jennifer Bonner
Jonathan Bouknight
Mark Bradley-Shoup
Benjamin Britton
Marc Brotherton
Christopher Derek Bruno
Phong Bui
Caroline Bullock
Lucinda Bunnen
Kevin Byrd
Jessica Caldas
Joe Camoosa
Dennis Campay
Philip Carpenter
Carolyn Carr
Jennifer Cawley
Chris Chambers
Dustin Chambers
Namwon Choi
InKyoung Chun
Charles Clary
Kevin E. Cole
William Cordova
Jerry Cullum

Elyse Defoor
Timothy Scott DeGroot
Brian Dettmer
Henry Detweiler
Terri Dilling
Craig Dongoski
Stephanie Dowda
William Downs
Thomas Dozol
Craig Drennen
Amandine Drouet
Didi Dunphy
Ruth Dusseault
Sarah Emerson
Mark Errol
C├ęcile B. Evans

Jody Fausett
Derek Faust
Julia A. Fenton
Margaret Fletcher
Nancy Floyd
John A Folsom
Jill Frank
Molly Rose Freeman
Nikita Gale
Angus Galloway
Jane Garver
Meta Gary
Rich Gere
Alex Gingrow
Bojana Ginn
Eula Mab Ginsburg
Wendy Given
Benjamin Goldman
Candice Greathouse
Heather Greenway
Kojo Griffin
Joseph Guay
Adler Guerrier

Alexander Hadjidakis
Paul Hagedorn
Eric Hancock
Rebecca Hanna
Jodi Hays
Sally Heller
Jenny Henley
Tony Hernandez
Margaret Hiden
Sarah Hobbs
Brian Holcombe
Sun Hong
Ridley Howard
Kathleen Hudspeth
David Humphrey
Timothy Hutto
Audrey Hynes
Scott Ingram

Andy Sloan Jackson
Benjamin M. Jennings
Mike Jensen
Benjamin Jones
Jennifer J L Jones
Kelly Kristin Jones

Mark Mason Karelson
Marcus Kenney
Harrison Keys
Melissa Kuntz
Lily Kuonen
Judy Morris Lampert
Robbie Land
Tracey Lane
Derek Larson
Scott Lawrence
Nicole LeCorgne
Kalup Linzy
George Long
Aubrey Longley-Cook
Pam Longobardi
Hailey Lowe Fennell
Casey Lynch
Tyrus Lytton

Eric Mack
Romy Maloon
Trek Matthews
Jillian Mayer
Faith McClure
Conor McGrady
Ryan McLaughlin
Donna Mintz
Kirstin Mitchell
William Mize
Emily Hanako Momohara
Jiha Moon
Andy Moon Wilson
Megan Mosholder
Laura Mosquera
Jason Murphy
Katie Ridley Murphy
Michael David Murphy
Spencer Murrill
Jenene Nagy
Eleanor Neal
Tommy Nease
Blanche Nettles Powers
Lake Roberson Newton
Laura Noel
Brian Novatny

Dorothy O'Connor
Galen Olmsted
Masud Olufani
Ernesto Oroza
Ann Otterness
Erin Palovick
Sam Parker
S Patricia Patterson
Vesna Pavlovic
Isaac Payne
Joe Peragine
Sigrira Perret-Gentil
Iman Person
David E Peterson
Sandra-Lee Phipps
Amy Pleasant
Christina Price Washington

Justin Rabideau
Sofya Radelet
Daniel Raedeke
Jan Rattia
Trevor Reese
Teresa Bramlette Reeves
Barbara Rehg
Seana Reilly
Leisa Rich
Shana Robbins
Rana Rochat
Stacie Rose
Claire Rosen
Matthew Rosenfeld
Ann Rowles
Judy Rushin
Chantelle Rytter
Jon Sasaki
Michele Schuff
Pete Schulte
Michael Scoggins
Karen Shacham
Felice Sharp
Nathan Sharratt
Robert Sherer
Jerry Siegel
Mimi Hart Silver
Xaviera Simmons
Julie L Sims
Melissa Sims
Deanna Sirlin
Nat Slaughter
Spencer Sloan
Alli Royce Soble
Joe Sola
Jered Sprecher
Hez Stalcup
Lauri Stallings + glo
Micah Stansell
Whitney Stansell
Marcy Starz
Nikki Starz
Jill Storthz
Douglas Stratton
Tommy Taylor
Dannielle Tegeder
Matthew Terrell
Dayna Thacker
Constance Thalken
P. Seth Thompson
Tori Tinsley
Julianne Trew
Joe Tsambiras
Gregor Turk
Lisa Tuttle

Nancy VanDevender
Ben Venom

Tracy Wagner
Andrea Wallace
Heather Stevens Weese
Johnathan Welsh
Angela West
Christian Bradley West
Christina A. West
Holly White
Matthew White
Martha Whittington
Pandra Williams
Vanessa Brook Williams
Bean Worley

Caomin Xie

ART PAPERS 16th Annual Art Auction
Collector's Preview: Friday, Feb 20, 7-9 pm
Auction & Party: Saturday, Feb 21, 7-10 pm

at Bobo Intriguing Objects
1235 Chattahoochee Ave NW Atlanta