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Rules for Bidding
The Silent Auction runs from 7 to 10 pm on Saturday, February 1.
First section closes at 8:30 pm. Section closing times:
Orange: 8:30 pm, Purple: 9:00 pm, Green: 9:30 pm, Blue: 10:00 pm

How to Bid:
Simply write your FULL NAME and PHONE # with your BID AMOUNT on the bid sheet located next to each artwork. The value of each artwork will be listed on the bid sheet along with the opening bid amount and bid increment. These vary from work to work so please pay attention.

You must bid in appropriate bid increments, which will be EQUAL TO or GREATER THAN the bid increment listed on the bid sheet. Incorrect bid increments will be considered invalid. Should you bid with an invalid increment, a Bid Monitor will cross out the incorrect bid and the active bid will be the last correct bid increment on the bid sheet.

A bid will also be considered invalid if it is unclear who has placed the bid, so please be sure to bid with your FULL NAME and PHONE #. Bid monitors will be available to answer any questions.

Section Closing Protocol:
When the emcee closes the section, all bidding must stop.

Bid monitors will circle the winning bid and remove the top (white) bid sheet and take it to the Check Out Table.

If the last bid is an incorrect bid increment, that bidder will be given the option to increase their bid to meet the minimum bid increment required. Should that person not wish to raise their bid, the Win will go to the last bidder with a valid bid increment.

The winning bidder should remove the yellow copy of the bid sheet after the section closes and, if finished bidding for the evening, can take the sheet to the Check Out Table and purchase one's artwork.

The pink copy must remain on the wall.

Live Auction:
Should 2 bidders wish to continue bidding at the close of a section, a bid monitor must be notified immediately and he or she will facilitate a LIVE AUCTION between the interested bidders with each bidder having a turn until a winner is determined.

Artworks that Do Not Reach a Minimum Bid:
In the event that an artwork does not meet its minimum bid when its section closes, the work will remain open for bidding until 10 pm.

Artwork Removal:
Artwork should remain on the wall until paid for and you are ready to exit the building.

You will be asked to show a receipt for your artwork before you exit the building.

Absentee/Proxy Bidding:
Should you need to leave the Auction before the end and still wish to participate, you can fill out an Absentee Bid Form at the Absentee/Proxy Bid Table near the front door. We also provide Proxy Bidding should you wish an agent of ART PAPERS to bid on your behalf.

You will be asked to provide credit card information. If you are the winner, your card will be charged automatically. You will be notified that you are the winner on Sunday, February 2 and can pick up your work that day between noon and 5pm.

Should you be unable to attend the auction you may place an Absentee Bid by 11:59pm EST on Friday, January 31. Please visit our Online Preview Gallery to place your bid.

Methods of Payment:
Accepted forms of payment for artwork purchases include: Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. 8% sales tax will be added to all artwork sales.

Artwork Pickup and Delivery:
Once paid for, you may hand-carry your artwork from the event facility. We can assist you with wrapping your work for carryout.

You may also return to Mason Murer on Sunday, February 2 between noon and 5pm to pay for and pick up your artwork.

Navis Pack & Ship will be available to assist with packing your work and you can work with them directly to arrange for delivery of your work (delivery fees may apply and will be negotiated directly by Navis Pack & Ship).

The Fine Print:
All sales are final and non-negotiable.

All works are sold "as is" and no warranty is given or implied.

Only the amount paid in excess of the fair market value of the work noted on the bid sheet can be considered a charitable donation.

Any disputes will be settled by either the Executive Director or Board President of ART PAPERS.

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