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We prefer proposals to completed articles. For features, the proposal should be 125 - 250 words; for columns and reviews, 50 words is plenty. Tell us what and who you want to discuss, and what you plan to say. If you haven'st written for ART PAPERS before, please include two brief writing samples (1,000 - 2,000 words), together with a short bio (40 words) describing your background and interests. We evaluate proposals based on quality, appropriateness and available space, and strive to notify writers of a decision within two months. Proposals may be submitted either by email to or by post to Art Papers, PO Box 5748, Atlanta GA 31107. We do not return support materials. We will not consider queries not accompanied by writing samples.

If we accept your proposal, we will negotiate a mutually acceptable length, deadline and fee. We reserve the right to terminate our acceptance of your proposal without compensation if we discover you have misrepresented yourself, or if the final form of the article diverges markedly from the agreed-upon topic, format or deadline.


Features range from 2,400 to 2,700 words, and express fully developed viewpoints about a particular work, artist or trend.

The staff of ART PAPERS, Inc. appreciates the value of historical investigation and academic work. However, ART PAPERS does not print densely theoretical arguments or detailed archival research. Nonetheless, we expect our writers to develop and support their theses rigorously, and to have a sophisticated understanding of any philosophies, histories or theoretical concepts they invoke.

Columns in ART PAPERS cover a wide range of topics. These columns differ from those of most other magazines in that none of them appear regularly and they do not belong to any one writer. Rather, our columns offer opportunities for writers to address topics of current interest in brief, exploratory essays. These pieces generally are around 1,000 words, with supporting images.

Reviews cover solo and group shows of regional, national or international significance. We are especially interested in regionally significant artists who have not yet reached a national or international audience. Reviews are 600 words when covering the work of a single artist and 800 words when discussing the work of more than one artist (in both cases, +/- ten words). Faculty and student exhibitions do not constitute acceptable group shows.


a) The editors will not consider submissions in which a writer: writes about his/her work, the work of someone with whom the writer has a personal relationship, the work of someone with whom the writer has a financial relationship, any gallery that represents his/her work, any relative, any gallery institutionally related to the organization employing the writer or a colleague in the institution employing the writer.

b) The editors will not consider submissions by a writer who has been hired to write a catalogue essay for the same artist or gallery within the past year. The exception, to be determined by the editors, shall be a curator who has shown an artist's work and whose expertise on the artist would be considered an advantage in writing the article.

c) The editors will not consider submissions by a writer whom the gallery or artist has paid or commissioned to write the article in question. Suggestions from galleries are permitted but the editors make the final decision.

d) The editors will not consider a submission by a writer who collects the work of the artist in question.

e) Writers may not write reviews or articles for ART PAPERS on exhibitions that they already have covered for other publications.

f) The editors shall decide whether to cover exhibitions curated by, featuring or including the work of any writer for ART PAPERS.

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