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May/June 2014 issue:

Àsìkò in Dakar
by Amanda H. Hellman

The Common Network:
Amar Kanwar and Stephen Willats

by Stephanie Bailey

Give Us CPR
by Gerald FitzGerald

To: Constant Dullaart
From: Carson Chan
Re: Balconism


Rosa Aiello:
First Person Leaky

Rosa Aiello is an artist and writer dealing with the limits of humanness, with subjectivity, and with our affective responses to capitalism. ART PAPERS' May/June 2014 issue featured Aiello's "Being as Glass Eel," a poetic essay on the mechanisms of veiling and unveiling in both intimate and public spheres. The marble graphic that wallpapers the print edition's inside front and back covers is Aiello's, too, and can be spotted in her contribution to ART PAPERS VIDEO, First Person Leaky (2014), debuting here.

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