Art Papers  


by Jonathan Bouknight

Credits /
Film: Jonathan Bouknight, Aerosol, 2015
Model: Jordan Stubbs
Music: "Kettle Chipd" by Pamela_ and her sons

Jonathan Bouknight is a filmmaker and mixed-media artist living in Atlanta, GA. He is a 2015 Working Artist Fellow at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, where he recently debuted his film Nightingales (2015). He is also the creator of ART PAPERS' first "fashion film": Aerosol (2015), a video companion to Bouknight's editorial contribution to our Sept/Oct 2015 issue. The work stylizes and celebrates the imperfect movements and stillness that fall in-between what usually makes the proverbial "cut."

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Coming Soon:
The Painting of the van Veldes, or the World and the Trouser

– photography & styling: Jonathan Bouknight
– text: John Swisher

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