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November/December 2016

Artist Statement: Simone Leigh
Ciara Moloney
The artist and activist behind a Brooklyn-based homeopathic health care service is inspired by the temples of Angkor Wat and vernacular architecture in Natchez, Mississippi.

Meaning Attribution:
The Inflation of Personal Life
Interview With Péter Forgács

Sonja Simonyi and Niels Van Tomme
When a family secret is revealed, a Hungarian artist processes a private past, and a public politics.

Looking for Black Art in Baltimore
Conversations With
Joyce J. Scott & Theresa Chromati

Abdu Mongo Ali
Faced with limited support and resources in their city, artists discuss what it means to leave—and what it means to come home.

Special Dossier:
Geopolitics on the Edge

Stephanie Bailey
The Arctic archipelago of Svalbard is the new arena in a global sprint for power, influence, and resources—and an emerging site for artistic and interdisciplinary research.

- Four Edges of Pyramiden: Ieva Epnere
A woman in a blue dress "symbolizes the Russian 'dream' of an ideal state or place on earth."

- Fieldwork: Cédric Maridet
On the territory of Svalbard as an archive for the idea of deep time, and a wasteland "where primordial and modern history can both be traced."

- The Good Soil: Michael John Whelan
Photographing the Global Seed Vault, an artist experiences "a sobering feeling of inescapability" at the juncture of geological past and humanity's future physical fragility.

- Flow Through: Bahar Yürükoğlu
Processing the politics of "a timeless, borderless place," an artist proposes a new mythology.

- Frost: Aggie Peterson and Petra Hermanová
"You could feel the presence of the people, but you could not see them": archival photographs of Svalbard's residents are reworked into portraits of a ghost town.

- Synnøve Persen, The Land Outside The Map
A Sami poet, visual artist, and activist calls for us to "unsubscribe from the map of the colonizers."

Artist Projects: The Last Mile
Four young Atlanta-area artists explore landscapes of transition.

- Saige Rowe: Exterior Engagements (Parts I & II)

- Steffen Sornpao: Eschatology for a Scrapper

- Brandon English: Untitled
(Naw... but for real, fuck 'em)

- Ignacio Rivera: Lupita

Class Assignment:
Mining the Museum
Spelman College curatorial students propose a thematic exhibition of works from Atlanta university collections.

Glossary: Ordinary
Jennifer Bonner


Transitions: States of Being
Liz Flamming

Turn the Page: The First Ten Years of Hi-Fructose
Paul Ryan

Southern Accent: Seeking the American South in Contemporary Art
Risa Puleo

Estamos contra el muro / We Are Against the Wall
Monica Westin

Jacqueline Gordon: Inside You is Me
Eva Mak

Duane Michals: The Narrative Photograph
Christina Price Washington

UH-OH: Frances Stark 1991-2015
Emily B. Watlington

Mika Rottenberg
Teresa Carlesimo

Anne Imhof: Angst
Christoph Chwatal

Artist and Empire: (En)Countering Colonial Legacies
Jennifer Piejko

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