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Special Architecture + Design Issue

Letter from the Guest Editor
Jennifer Bonner

* NEW *
We're in for Better Wetter
An Interview with Leonard Koren

Mimi Zeiger
The founder of WET: The Magazine of Gourmet Bathing remembers collaborations with young artists and calling a gondola garage in Venice home.

Cut to the Pool
Julie Zook
A scholar of spatial morphology examines a Quentin Tarantino pool scene through the magical lens of indifference.

A Forward Crawl
Katya Tylevich
An 18-mile journey stretches west to east, through rec centers and rooftop infinity pools, to chart LA's aquatic geography. With photography by Monica Nouwens.

* NEW *
Windows on the World
Sharon Johnston with Veronika Kellndorfer

Architect and artist discuss interdisciplinary collaborations, and their shared interest in the window.

Dora Epstein Jones
Three elemental histories, narrated by the executive director of LA's A+D Museum, consider political, social, cultural, and aesthetic detail in a Georgian-era English bathhouse, an atomized architectural installation, and around the sun-soaked pools of suburban SoCal.

Somewhere on Hyperion ...
Anna Hermann
An architect leads a tour along Hyperion Avenue, where strip-mall facades conceal a wealth of creative practices. With photographs by Gracie DeVito.

* NEW *
Poolside Chat
Barbara Bestor and Brooke Hodge

An LA architect and a Palm Springs architectural curator discuss liberated design and pastel color palettes in the American West.

Flat Pools
Pita and Bloom
Working through ideas of the visual plunge, architectural flatness, and oversized puddles, an architect-duo proposes a series of large pool figures for the LA River basin.

Laurel Consuelo Broughton
WELCOMEPROJECTS establishes some "Pool Rules," including a law of "No Scale" that combines esteemed works of architecture with everyday objects.

The Low Flow
Sarah Cowles
A landscape architect suggests small-scale interventions to carefully enhance the ecology of Los Angeles' dry creeks.

Laida Aguirre
Four images related to swimming pool construction call our attention to the sculpturalism of ordinary, machined objects found in project catalogues and material inventories.

Dry Pool
Monica Nouwens
A 30-foot plywood basin by Ball-Nogues Studio is captured in the high desert of Yucca Valley.

Trash Can
Nancy Lupo
An artist downscales and endears the institutionally ubiquitous Rubbermaid BRUTE.

Three Front Yards
Three architects were commissioned to design a swimming pool in the front yard of a Los Angeles home of their choosing. Each site represents an architectural typology:

Low Volume - Schindler House (1922): BairBalliet
Address: 835 N Kings Road, West Hollywood, CA 90069

– Dingbat Apartments: AAmp Studio
Address: 1335, 1341, and 1347 N Poinsettia Place, Hollywood, CA 90046

– Water Tower: Sandra Yum & Joakim Dahlqvist
Address: 3734 Dwiggins Street, Los Angeles, CA 90063

* NEW *
Glossary: Slow Plunge
Floria Sigismondi


Doug Aitken: Electric Earth
Andrea Dietz

Ramiro Gomez: On Melrose
Danielle Rago

Ben Rivers: Urth
Maura Lucking

Silver Lake Reservoir
Wendy Gilmartin

Yayoi Kusama: Narcissus Garden
Katherine Harvey

Collaboratory: A Column is a System
Jia Gu

Marie Lorenz: Tide and Current Taxi
Claire Barliant

Samara Scott: Offsite
Jennifer Piejko

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